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Create a varied learning experience for your pupils on a day trip to the beautiful Dumfries House Estate or choose programmes which link-up, exploring similar areas of the curriculum from a different perspective. Each of our workshops lasts for 90 minutes and groups can take part in up to two experiences in a day (subject to availability). Some groups may choose a ‘Free-time’ option, and elect to spend time enjoying the rich and varied outdoors that the Dumfries House Estate has to offer.

Pupils will gain an introduction to gardening, food production and the use of fresh produce as a link to healthy eating, by visiting our dedicated cooking classroom, potting shed and summer house. Experiential learning will take place in our one-acre organic vegetable garden. A wide range of activities are available which promote and foster a respect for nature and the environment.

P01 - Tree-mendous Walk - (Mar, Apr, May only)- L1 (P4 only), L2

Enjoy a woodland walk and discover some of the wonderful trees on the estate and some of the creatures that live there. Learn how to recognise different trees from their leaves and bark. Using maths skills, how can we work out tree height and age.

P02 - Our Diverse World - L1, L2

The diversity of plant life exists for many reasons. Find out more by exploring the diversity within our garden, with a focus on vegetables.

P03 - The Seasonal Garden - L0 (P1 only), L1, L2

What is seasonality? What’s growing in our garden at this time of year – can you identify the different vegetables? Help in our garden with a job of the day and discuss the benefits of sourcing local, seasonal produce.

P04 - Ready, Steady, Cook - L1, L2

Where does food come from? Ready, steady, cook - harvest vegetables from our garden and prepare a tasty seasonal dish.

P08 - Senses in the Garden - L1

Spend time in our education garden discovering what’s around us whilst exploring our own senses. Did you know that as well as looking fantastic plants can be super-smelly, noisy, rough or tasty?

P09 - The Edible Plant - (Feb/Mar only) - L2, L3

Fruits, roots and leaves? Find out what parts of a plant we eat. You may be surprised!

P06 - Little Bean Sprouts - L0 (P1 only)

Where does food come from? Join us on a vegetable scavenger hunt, green-fingered stories from our summer house and plant your own bean to take home and care for.

P07 - Plant Science - L1, L2, L3

What do plants need to grow? Find out and plant a vegetable seed of your own. Find out more about compost. For L2/L3 - Set up an experiment to compare the growth of plants under different conditions, and continue back in your classroom.

Please note:

L0 = Early Level (P1 only)

L1 = Level 1 (P2-4)

L2 = Level 2 (P5-P7)

L3 = Level 3 (S1-2)

All school day visits should be booked through Eventbrite using the link

For assistance with booking, or for any other queries, please contact: Education@dumfries-house.org.uk

Useful phone numbers:

Dumfries House Education Department: 01290 429 918 Dumfries House Reception: 01290 425 959