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Create a varied learning experience for your pupils on a day trip to the beautiful Dumfries House Estate or choose programmes which link-up, exploring similar areas of the curriculum from a different perspective. Each of our workshops lasts for 90minutes and groups can take part in up to two experiences in a day (subject to availability). Some groups may choose a ‘Free-time’ option, and elect to spend time enjoying the rich and varied outdoors that the Dumfries House Estate has to offer.

Imagine, design, build and test solutions to real world problems. Apply STEM skills and knowledge in our inspiring children's workshop and enjoy our engineering and scientific enquiry play-park themed around the natural elements, Water, Air, Earth and Fire. An insight into the exciting and valued career choices open to young people with continued study of the STEM subjects.

E01 - Amazing Air - L0 (P1 only), L1

Find out how the movement of air affects our everyday life, exploring wind and weather and its impacts in design and engineering.

E02 - Engin-Air - L2, L3

Let nature teach you about the air we breathe as you discover plants and animals called bio-indicators that help us to measure air quality. Carry out an air quality survey on the estate and think about how we can use what we learn to help tackle air pollution.

E03 - Science Safari - L2, L3

Using GPS technology – find your way around the Estate on our science linked geocache trail. Discover the hidden caches to solve some physics/math’s linked nature challenges. Combine with another engineering activity, subject to availability.

E15 - The Water World - L1 (P4 only), L2

Although earth is often referred to as the water planet, the wet stuff is a limited resource. Pupils will consider the risks posed by dirty water and design and build water filters to examine how engineers keep our drinking water clean and safe.

E15 - Float your Boat - L1 (P4 only), L2

Why do some things float and others sink, work like a marine engineer to design a floating platform, how much dare you load?

E04 - Simple Circuits - L1(P4 only), L2

Introduction to electricity and energy changes, conductors and insulators. Have a go at making an electronic games controller.

E05 - Shoot to the Moon - L0, L1 (P2 only)

Blast off into space and find out about the forces and shapes involved in making rockets soar through the sky.

E08 - Small Science in Space - L2, L3

With over 500,000 bits of space junk orbiting around the earth, engineers are going to have to come up with some ways of cleaning up space if we want to keep on exploring! Working as aerospace engineers, pupils will design, build and launch nano satellites that will help solve this problem.

E12 - Elemental Energy - L0 (P1 only), L1

Energy is all around us and takes many forms. Explore the natural elements of water, air, earth and fire to see which types of energy they provide. How does the use of these resources impact on our lives and on the planet?

E08 - Everyday Engineering - L2, L3

Engineering is all around. Working as an electrical engineer – design, build and test a home appliance and clean up for success.

E10 - Find it with GPS - L2, L3

How does GPS work and what are applications – now and in the future? Use maths and physics skills to pin point your location.

Please note:

L0 = Early Level (P1 only)

L1 = Level 1 (P2-4)

L2 = Level 2 (P5-P7)

L3 = Level 3 (S1-2)

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