What's on. Tamar Manoukian Outdoor Centre

Create a varied learning experience for your pupils on a day trip to the beautiful Dumfries House Estate or choose programmes which link-up, exploring similar areas of the curriculum from a different perspective. Each of our workshops lasts for 90minutes and groups can take part in up to two experiences in a day (subject to availability). Some groups may choose a ‘Free-time’ option, and elect to spend time enjoying the rich and varied outdoors that the Dumfries House Estate has to offer.

Our purpose built Residential Centre and Sports Hall with indoor climbing facility, deliver both residential and one-day workshops for outdoor education and sports and fitness programmes for all. Visiting groups can choose from archery, team- building, climbing, geocaching and bush-craft. (Residential enquiries can be made via ”Education@dumfries-house.org.uk

T02 - Shelter Building - L2 (P6+), L3

Learn how to build your very own Outdoor Shelter using only the natural resources of the wilderness. Discover how natural materials inspired the materials we have developed to create the type of home you live in to its type of home?

T03 - The Ascent - L2 (P6+), L3

Reach new heights on our indoor climbing wall. Plan your route and find solutions as you climb. Build confidence and learn a life-long skill.

T04 - Count on Me - L2 (P6+), L3

Building strong teams - resilience outcome based, team building activities for the whole class using the Dumfries House outdoor assault course. Individuals can be strong, but when you work together as a team, see how much more you can achieve.

T05 - Fit as a Fiddle - L2 (P6+), L3

Health and wellbeing indoor activity. Measure your fitness level in our specially designed circuit course.

T06 - How do they do that? - L2 (P6+), L3

Learn circus skills and improve your balance. Discover the thrills and spills of the circus while exploring the forces at play.

Please note:

L0 = Early Level (P1 only)

L1 = Level 1 (P2-4)

L2 = Level 2 (P5-P7)

L3 = Level 3 (S1-2)

All school day visits should be booked through Eventbrite using the link

For assistance with booking, or for any other queries, please contact: Education@dumfries-house.org.uk

Useful phone numbers:

Dumfries House Education Department: 01290 429 918

Dumfries House Reception: 01290 425 959