News. Dumfries House magazine

14th of December, 2016

We are happy to announce the launch of Dumfries House magazine. This new quarterly title has arrived just in time for Christmas and is filled with stories of Dumfries House past, present and future.

The inaugural Winter 2016 issue includes an introductory essay from HRH The Duke of Rothesay plus a feature revealing the long and treasured history of the house and estate. Interviews with some of the artisans and experts who have contributed to the restoration and on-going development of Dumfries House discuss new builds such as the Chinese Bridge and Educational Farm. The magazine also profiles Dumfries House’s work in the community and vision for heritage led regeneration with projects including New Cumnock’s Town Hall.

Numbers of the magazine are limited and demand is high! So purchase your copy at the Visitor Centre (weekends during the Winter Season), or by calling Reception on 01290 425959

Postal cost of the magazine:
UK £3.95 plus £2.05 p/p (£6.00)
Europe £3.95 plus £5.05 p/p (£9.00)
Rest of the World £3.95 plus £7.55 p/p (£11.50)