News. A purple-hued walled garden

11th of July, 2017

It’s late spring and the sun is shining on Dumfries House. In the Walled Garden, towering globes of vibrant purple flowers sway gently in the breeze. The alliums’ showy heads usher in promises of gloriously sunny days and warm nights.

These gorgeous specimens are Allium chrostophia, romantically named Star of Persia. Brian Corr, Head of Gardens and his team planted them in early autumn at a depth of about two times the depth of the bulb, leaving at least 30cm (12in) between each one.

“These Royal-hued beauties add height and structure to existing borders with their superb blooms,” explains Corr. “They’re undemanding, easy to grow and come in different sizes, which makes them superb for floral displays.” “In June and through to August, we will also have yellow, red and white climbing roses in the Walled Garden, as well as pink, white and purple clematis, flowering shrub roses, lupins and delphiniums, of which the prince is particularly proud,” reveals Corr. This riot of colour promises delightful walks through the Estate.

Over in The Education Garden, various vegetables are grown. “They’re grown to teach primary school children where food comes from. We grow a lot of heritage vegetables,” enthuses Education Gardener Christine Jones. “And everything’s organic, of course.”

Words: Marie Louise Von Haselberg

Photography: Lisa Boyd