News. Boswell Children’s Festival

17th of April, 2018

Little ones will be in for a treat this year as some of the UK’s most renowned children’s authors make their worlds come to life through interactive events, storytelling and mind-expanding activities. On the 5th and 6th May, the Engineering Centre at Dumfries House will transform into a hub of otherworldly adventure, perfect for all the family. Hear bestselling author Anthony Horowitz discuss the power of books, join presenter and zoologist Nicola Davies as she uncovers how animals communicate, and visit the Owl Magic tent to learn about the stunning birds up close. Take a look below at our event highlights to help plan an unforgettable weekend for you and your young ones.

Let Science out of its Box! With Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd’s Science and Engineering Wallbook is packed full of the most brilliant inventions to have developed from the Stone Ages to the present day. Join the author and history wiz as he dives deep into the past, uncovering the clever creations from last 10,000 years, spanning everything from the light bulb to steam power, vaccinations and air balloons.

Storyboarding with Vivian French

Join children’s authors Vivian French MBE, Chae Strathie and illustrator Eilidh Muldoon as they create ‘the world’s funniest’ illustrated adventures based on the ideas of the audience. This is a unique and rare chance to get knee deep in the creative process of character development and story telling, and will surely inspire budding storytellers to create their own illustrated stories too!

Mysterious Animals with Nicola Davies

Zoologist and former presenter of BBC’s The Really Wild Show will take eager listeners deep into the world of…'Poo’! She will uncover how its bad rep shrouds its proven status as one of the most useful stuff on Earth. Sit in to learn more about how animals communicate to each other, why different animals have distinctive shapes and sizes and why certain creatures make their home on the bodies of other animals too.

Meet Navel Heroes David Craig and John Patterson

They survived an unexploded bomb in their ship’s coal bunker and they were bombarded by Nazis as they scrambled for supplies across freezing seas from Scotland to Russia in the Arctic Convoys. Here to tell their tale of survival, perseverance and faith, get ready to ask navel heroes David Craig and John Patterson about their unbelievable life at sea.

Discover free interactive activities

As well as listening to their favourite authors, young bookworms will have ample opportunity to get hands-on at the festival. Learn about the wonderful world of owls at the Owl Magic tent, where you can see the majestic birds up close. Create your own hot air balloon with artist and illustrator Eilidh Muldoon, and try your hand at weaving with the Woolly Weavers to learn where wool comes from and how to use it.

To book tickets online, visit boswellbookfestival.co.uk

Tickets can be purchased at:

Palace Theatre Kilmarnock – Tel: 01563554900

Festival Weekend Box Office – Tel: 07530380021

Festival Weekend Children’s Festival Box Office – Tel: 07596841272

Tickets are also on sale at Waterstones, High Street, Ayr and Cumnock Town Hall.