News. Wedding Season

15th of June, 2018

This spring saw another royal wedding gain the attention of the world, as Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, celebrated their union with contemporary sophistication. Naturally, a slew of summer wedding trends have emerged in the vein of this year’s most anticipated marriage ceremony, signalling new ways to dine, decorate and soundtrack your special day. In due fashion, key Dumfries House staff reveal their tips and tricks for a truly memorable wedding.

Treasured Memories

More often than not, the wedding photographer is often singularly assigned the colossal job of capturing the atmosphere of a wedding. Though more novel, creative ways of preserving these memories are becoming increasingly popular. “We find guests are adding props to their weddings to make it more interactive,” mentions Evan Samson, Hospitality Manager at Dumfries House. “These include photo booths, selfie sticks or a Polaroid camera guestbook. Other variations are Jigsaws where each guest signs a piece and then they put it together to be framed. I have also seen guests sign a Jenga Block!”

Celebrate by Candlelight

A celebration can be made all the more intimate with candlelight. Dumfries House is known for their stunning Candelabras, and they often encourage their guests to make use of them for their gorgeous ornamentation and soft, glowing light. “These centerpieces add candlelight to the tables,” says Evan. “We use silver candelabras as this is in keeping with the House. Often the florist adds flowers to complement them, creating a unique centerpiece.”

Dainty Desserts

No doubt one of the highlights of any wedding day, the wedding cake is the sweet climax that everybody waits for. Whilst traditional tiered treats will hardly ever go out of vogue, more and more couples are favouring fashionable sweets. “Brides are opting for non-traditional cakes, instead picking quirky sweet treats such as doughnuts and macaroons,” says Tom Scoble, House Chef at Dumfries house. “Traditional cakes are still popular but not always fruit cake. The most popular dessert is the Dumfries House trio of desserts. A little bit of everything to please everyone!”

“Traditional cakes are still popular but not always fruit cake. The most popular dessert is the Dumfries House trio of desserts. A little bit of everything to please everyone!”

Cultural Cuisine

Couples are selecting more and more eclectic menus, from locally sourced food to globally-influenced spreads. Though classic free-range meat is of course still as hit. “We have done a few themed weddings - Thai, American, Lebanese, Indian. Some because of where they come from, and some are holiday inspired,” says Tom. “We also serve local beef, which is the most popular.”

Wedding Bells

At Dumfries House, it’s not unusual for guests to opt for traditional Scottish music for their wedding celebrations. Heritage sounds elevate a sense of ceremony and are universally loved. “I would say almost all our weddings have a Piper who would usually welcome the guests, it really brings the House to life,” says Evan. “We also have a lot of wedding bands who do part Ceilidh, and play traditional wedding music for most of the night. It’s fantastic to see the guests enjoying Scottish dancing.”

Photography: Craig & Eva Saunders / Sophie Gerrard