What's on. Valentin’s Education Farm

Create a varied learning experience for your pupils on a day trip to the beautiful Dumfries House Estate or choose programmes which link-up, exploring similar areas of the curriculum from a different perspective. Each of our workshops lasts for 90minutes and groups can take part in up to two experiences in a day (subject to availability). Some groups may choose a ‘Free-time’ option, and elect to spend time enjoying the rich and varied outdoors that the Dumfries House Estate has to offer.

Our dedicated Children's Education Farm, classroom and barn facility allows pupils to meet the animals, learn about how our farmer cares for them and the importance of these animals in our daily lives from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. Children can learn about food production, the environment, and animal lifecycles and how our wool is processed from fleece to fabric. All visits to the Farm include a Farm Tour.

F01 - Down on the Farm - L0 (P1 only), L1 (P2 only)

Meet the animals on our specially adapted farm tour for little ones and help our farmer with a job of the day. Get craft daft with some help from our woolly farm friends.

F02 - Eggs-cellent - L1, L2, L3

Meet the animals (particularly poultry) and learn about their needs on a farm tour. Workshop focused on the importance of eggs for food and why incubation is important. How long does it take for a chick to hatch? Learn about its development inside the egg.

F03 - Follow the Herd (Beef & Dairy) - L1, L2, L3

Learn about the production of milk and beef from cattle. Hands on milking with Rosie, our life size Ayrshire milking cow model. Learn about the nutritional value of meat, milk and dairy products and find out more about traceability and food miles (L2).

F04 - Senses on the Farm - L1

Do animals have senses? Are these the same as ours? Consider how people and animals use their senses to become aware of the world around them.

F11 - Spring Watch - (from 16th April) - L1, L2

Lively lambs, hatching chicks and plentiful pigs. Enjoy a seasonal farm tour and workshop focused on animal life cycles.

F12 - Farm-craft - L1, L2, L3

Farm animals provide more than just food for our dinner table. Enjoying creating your own masterpiece using wool, feathers or leather and learn about the animals that produce these products and traditional crafting skills along the way.

Please note:

L0 = Early Level (P1 only)

L1 = Level 1 (P2-4)

L2 = Level 2 (P5-P7)

L3 = Level 3 (S1-2)

All school day visits should be booked through Eventbrite using the link

For assistance with booking, or for any other queries, please contact: Education@dumfries-house.org.uk

Useful phone numbers:

Dumfries House Education Department: 01290 429 918

Dumfries House Reception: 01290 425 959