News. Dumfries House estate to reopen to visitors on Monday 6 July

30th of June, 2020

We are delighted to announce that parts of estate will reopen to visitors on Monday 6 July.

  • Access will be available by foot, by bicycle, and mobility transport via paths and roads where it is safe to pass.
  • Access by car will be via the entrance on the A70 Cumnock-Ayr road. The Barony Road entrance will remain closed to vehicles.
  • The main car park will be subject to control by Dumfries House supervisors, with the number of spaces capped and parking subject to social distancing requirements.
  • Public spaces such as the Arboretum and woodland walks will once again be available to visitors. Seating alongside paths is available for use but, as with any such facility in a public space, is to be used at visitors’ discretion and will not be subject to regular cleaning. Two toilets within the Visitor Centre (adjacent to The Coach House Café) will be available for public use and be subject to cleaning by Dumfries House staff after each use.
  • The Queen Elizabeth Walled Garden is scheduled to reopen in the coming weeks and will be subject to a one-way walking system due to its narrower paths making distancing more difficult than elsewhere.
  • The Maze, adventure playground, and engineering playground will remain closed until further notice.
  • The Coach House Café and Visitor Centre (except toilets) remain closed.
  • Woodlands restaurant and Dumfries House Lodge remain closed for the foreseeable future to ensure safety of staff and members of public.

We would politely ask that visitors respect social distancing guidelines and the personal space of others while also adhering to advice conveyed on signs throughout the estate. Pets must be kept on leads.

While no food or drink will be served on the estate, visitors are welcome to bring picnics to be enjoyed in areas unlikely to inhibit others.

We look forward to welcoming you back!