News. Upcoming Health and Wellbeing Programmes

6th of January, 2021


The Prince's Foundation are pleased to announce a new schedule of online health and wellbeing programmes

As someone who has lived with chronic fatigue syndrome for more than five years, Kara Galloway finally feels more able to deal with the mental impact of exhaustion after benefitting from a range of courses that form part of The Prince’s Foundation’s Integrated Health and Wellbeing programme at Dumfries House in Ayrshire.

“My main symptom is exhaustion but I do get pain in my legs and all over my body sometimes,” explains Kara, who lives local to Dumfries House and recently enrolled on The Prince’s Foundation’s Chronic Pain Management course.

“I was a bit sceptical before about some practices and techniques that help you deal with mental issues. But, as part of the course, I got to try out reiki, mindfulness, and tai chi, and they really made a difference. I have carried on with mindfulness and signed up for the online sessions at Dumfries House, and I plan to carry on doing tai chi on my own.”

In the coming months, The Prince's Foundation will launch a range of online programmes which will run at a rate of one virtual session per week. The online programmes are open to everyone, with grants available on application. Those registered with a GP in Ayrshire and Arran can access the programmes free of charge courtesy of support from the People’s Postcode Lottery.

    Fertility (starts Jan 18 - Feb 22)

    Menopause (Jan 12 - Feb 16)

    Chronic Pain (Jan 13 - Feb 24)

    Health and Wellbeing (Jan 14 - Feb 25)

    Mindfulness (Jan 15 - Mar 5)

To find out more about the individual programmes, or to enroll, email health@dumfries-house.org.uk

In recognition of Dr Gabriel and Mrs Christine Chiu's support of The Prince's Foundation, these programmes are known as "The Prince’s Foundation Chiu Health and Wellness Programmes"

With support from the People’s Postcode Lottery. More information about the People's Postcode Lottery can be found here.