News. Opening the New Cumnock Town Hall

19th of January, 2017

A completely renovated New Cumnock Town Hall was opened by HRH Prince Charles, The Duke of Rothesay, on Sunday 23 October, with new, modernised facilities – including a main hall, a computer suite, a cinema for public screenings, an arts and crafts room, and a meeting room – now available to 30 local groups. Six new jobs (three full-time posts and additional part-time roles) have been created in the process.

The formal ceremony welcomed members of the public as well as representatives of groups set to benefit from the project. The town hall will operate as a health and leisure hub seven days a week from 9am until 10pm and will soon offer activities such as dog training, table tennis, karate, arts and crafts, and dance, as well as classes (including health and fitness sessions) run by Dumfries House.

“What a wonderful day for New Cumnock – the Town Hall has been restored,” entrepreneur and New Cumnock native Sir Tom Hunter told the audience in attendance. “Thank you Sir for caring about New Cumnock – your leadership is badly needed, most appreciated and will not be forgotten.” Kenneth Dunsmuir, Deputy Executive Director of Dumfries House, added: "We’re glad to be in a position to restore an important hub of a thriving community, and excited to bring New Cumnock Town Hall back to its former glory and make it available to the community for their use.”

The re-opening is the latest in a series of projects carried out by Dumfries House Outreach Programme, alongside the renovation of New Cumnock’s open-air swimming pool (set to re-open in Summer 2017) and a new restaurant and Highgrove shop in Ballater, Aberdeenshire. The facility, one of Scotland’s few remaining open-air swimming pools, will be more environmentally-friendly and open for an extended season running typically from Spring until Autumn.

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