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Over the course of the year, the Centre offers tailored, experiential programmes to primary and secondary schools, youth groups and charities. The 50-bed centre is fully catered with three meals provided per day. Day and evening activities are designed to suit the age group, these may include resilience building for secondary pupils or appreciation and enjoyment of nature for primary school pupils. Youth groups and adults have access to the physical activities on offer although they may choose to use the Centre for their own programme, utilising the wider estate for an art week or music camp, for example. We can provide more tailored packages, linked to key curriculum areas such as science, textiles, growth mindset, food, horticulture and farming, on request.


Weekday and Weekend Packages available.

Themed activity to suit individual requirements.

Enquire by emailing education@dumfries-house.org.uk for booking information and prices.

Schools and Young Adults Day Visits

Our day packages cater for everyone, from small groups to full classes, up to a maximum of 30. (Larger groups can be catered for on request.) Group work includes time spent outdoors, undertaking physical challenges which develop an understanding of the principles of maths and/or physics, alongside an appreciation of nature. We ensure all programmes follow the guidelines of ‘Leave no trace’ to ensure that there is no detrimental impact on the environment. Individuals experience a growth both in confidence and in skills. There is also an appreciation of others within the group which leads to a more harmonious learning environment.

Day visit costs vary depending on the group requirements. Enquire by emailing education@dumfries-house.org.uk.

We also offer a bespoke programme of linked day visits to fully explore individual growth. This programme would be especially helpful for those pupils who may be disengaged from school.

‘GRIT’ is designed to enhance the confidence and resilience of young people whilst developing a growth mindset. Embedded within the workshops in each session are the principles of Growth, Resilience, Independence, Trust.

Participants take part in activities which they may find challenging or which may involve them having to overcoming failure. This, in turn, gives them the opportunity to develop ‘bounce back’ enabling them to become more resilient. This personal development gives individuals a better understanding of emotions, strengths, weaknesses, drives, values and goals.

Course fees available on request.

Times and days: Please check seasonal curriculum and bespoke programme for dates.

Application Information: Click here to view seasonal curriculum or to book visit Eventbrite.