Renovation Works / Plans. In addition to the Main House on the Estate, there are numerous other buildings and structures of historic and architectural importance. Many of them have been part of the Estate since the beginning, some even pre-date it, and all are in need of restoration and repair.


Any and all works undertaken on these structures will be carried out in a manner sensitive to the period they were built, using local materials and traditional methods as close as possible to the original.

Discussions and plans are being drawn up, not only about how these buildings shall be renovated, but also how they shall be used in the future. With our ongoing consultation process with the local council and community we believe that some of the buildings will be used for educational purposes, as meeting rooms for local institutions and not-for-profit organisations as well as corporate establishments. Some of the buildings may also be used to teach traditional crafts and skills as part of an employment scheme, and others may be used as respite accommodation for carers or ex-servicemen.

Whenever funding is secured for a project, and the requirements of the local community have been ascertained, the plans will be able to adapt accordingly, ensuring the projects can target these needs in a timely and accurate fashion. The latest progress reports will be published on the Dumfries House website as soon as they are made available.

Listed below are buildings and structures requiring restoration that can be found whilst enjoying a walk around the Estate.